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Fira API

The api module contains all of the player-facing functions and classes used in the Advanced Mode of the Unscripted minigame.

The Unscriped Minigame Application Programming Interface (API) allows players to directly manipulate the player’s movements and actions while traversing in the minigame world using Python. The minigame’s logic will handle translating any commands to display at the end of the script compilation.

Warning: Although most (if not all) of the submodules in the parent package are publicly accessible, it is heavily encouraged that players make use of the standard utilities provided with the API module.

The documentation for some components in the core submodule are provided for reference namely, CSWorldGrid.


The api module comes with a few submodules that contain function and utilities for multiple aspects of the minigame:

  • player hosts all of the code related to manipulating the player in the minigame.
  • world hosts all of the code related to viewing and gathering information about the world in the minigame.
  • grid hosts a publicly available version of the internal grid system used for world generation.
  • info hosts all of the code related to generating the tools necessary to start scripting.