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Table of Contents

  1. Methods
    1. get_level_information(level)

The info submodule contains the utilities to get the world and player information for a given level.



Create a world and player based on a game level.


  • level (int): The level number as indicated by the minigame.
  • fn_path (str): The path to where the NadiaVM file will be written to. This excludes the file name itself.
  • **kwargs (dict): Arbitrary keyword arguments.



  • config_file (str): The path to the level configuration file, excluding the file name.
  • exists (callable): The function to use, if not relying on the built-in os module to determine whether the configuration file path is loadable.
  • load (callable): The function to use, if not relying on the the built-in open function to load the file object.


  • info (tuple): A tuple containing the CSPlayer object and the CSWorld object